New smiles in a day with CEREC at The Courtyard Clinic

Here at The Courtyard Clinic all of our dentists are experienced users of the CEREC system.
CEREC is a state of the art technology which allows our dentists to provide crowns and veneers to an incredible level of accuracy in 1 visit instead of the traditional 2 visits you will find in most dentists.
This means

  1. No temporary crowns or veneers
  2. Less time needed in the dental chair
  3. No gooey impression material
  4. Metal-free restorations

The dentists at The Courtyard Clinic are so passionate about this topic that one of our dentists (Dr Simon Chard) even lectures nationally to other dentists on how to use this fantastic technology.
So if you have old crowns/veneers which no longer look their best or are interested in new crowns or veneers then give Alison a call on 01932582949 and book in today!

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