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New evidence suggests that Coffee can Prolong Life

Man relaxing at home on the couch and having a coffee break, he is smiling at camera and holding a cup
            Man having coffee break

Coffee is now gaining prominence in the health world. However, coffee should be sipped with a straw to avoid it from staining the teeth.
Key takeaways:

  • Review of research indicates that coffee may prevent bone loss in the jaw offering better support for the teeth.
  • Green coffee has antibacterial activity that will help protect the gums.
  • Coffee in moderation will confer a number of nutritional benefits such as alertness, protecting the liver and reducing cancer. People should limit their intake to five cups.

Some of the health benefits of coffee – which may lower the incidence of metabolic disorders and prevent cell damage – can be attributed to the high chlorogenic acid content, which has antioxidant properties.
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