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From the moment Alison answered the phone at The Courtyard Clinic I knew my search was over. My 17 year old daughter had been needing treatment for some time but is completely terrified of needles and had consequently been refusing to let a dentist near her. She had had a bad experience a few years earlier which had led to a filling being stopped half way through and a temporary put in. Since then she had refused to have anything done other than a check up. Earlier in the year our family dentist had ascertained she needed at least two fillings which had led to complete hysteria in the chair. I knew then I had to find someone who could help.
I spent an afternoon on the internet and found the dental phobia site. There were a few dentists near us and I started to pick up the phone. The first two just weren’t helpful so when I picked up the phone to The Courtyard Clinic I wasn’t too hopeful. Alison answered and everything changed. She was helpful, informative and kind. My daughter had told me she would only have treatment if she was sedated. We discussed this and Alison very rightly said it would be far better if we could find a better way and use sedation as a last resort. She booked us in for a half hour consultation with Dr Yasmin George.
We arrived at the surgery and Alison was there to meet us. She took us to a very comfortable waiting room. We then met Yasmin who was lovely and her dental nurse, Susan. Yasminspoke to Laura and discussed the options. She was kind but truthful and Laura could understand all she was being told. Yasmin showed Laura The Wand – a marvellous piece of equipment which would make all the difference. Yasmin also let Laura try the numbing gel and sit in the chair. We all knew Laura had to be the one to let this happen and Yasmin’s approach was just right.
We made an appointment for the following week. The appointment was for an hour so there was no rush or time constraints. As the day approached you could tell Laura was very anxious but she got there. We saw Yasmin again and I sat with Laura throughout her treatment. The surgery had just bought some projection eye glasses which meant Laura could watch a film whilst having her treatment. These really did help and made a huge difference. Yasmin used the wand to numb Laura’s mouth and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. The Wand is an absolutely fantastic piece of equipment as it doesn’t seem like an injection at all. There is no big needle and apparently no horrid feeling. I never thought I would see the day that Laura would let anyone near her mouth but she had absolute trust in Yasmin and her team.
Over the next few weeks Laura had five fillings in total. I would never have believed this possible earlier this year after seeing the fear and complete hysteria when Laura was told she had to have a filling.
I cannot thank Yasmin and her team enough for their kindness and professioanal approach. Alison rang up after every treatment to check all was well. I would recommend the Courtyard Clinic to any nervous patient – they are absolutely brilliant!

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