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How To: Avoid Teeth Staining

Teeth staining can’t always be avoided, but a bright white Hollywood smile isn’t as unobtainable as people might think. With good oral hygiene and an awareness of what we should and shouldn’t be doing, whiter teeth are definitely achievable by many. So, in today’s post we’re going to run through 5 different things we can all do to help avoid teeth staining…

How To: Avoid Teeth Staining


01. Drink With A Straw

We all know that coffee and tea are key staining culprits. But, rather than give up that morning mocha, drinking with a straw is a great way to reduce the impact on your teeth. It’s not only tea and coffee that lead to staining, red wine, juices and cola do too. 

02. Get Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned 

As they say, leave it to the experts. Having your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year is a great way to ensure great oral hygiene and remove any superficial stains on your teeth. An appointment at The Courtyard Clinic is more than just a clean, scale and polish. Our Hygienists also offer helpful hygiene advice and demonstrate how to keep your teeth plaque-free with toothbrushes, interdental brushes and floss.

03.Stop Smoking

Smoking causing yellow teeth isn’t a new discovery, but it’s often not known how this staining occurs. Teeth actually have pores just like your skin. The nicotine and tar in tobacco easily absorbs into these pores causing discoloration. Whilst stopping smoking overnight isn’t possible, our hygienist team are on hand to provide smoking cessation advice to anyone who is looking to kick the habit. 

04.Thorough Regular Cleaning 

Perhaps a little obvious, but a thorough cleaning routine is vital for avoiding teeth staining. With a good toothbrush, mouthwash and floss, you can prevent plaque building up. This is the sticky substance that gives stains something to stick to on the teeth and hence gives them a discoloured appearance. 

05. Eat Crunchy Vegetables

Believe it or not, crunchy vegetables can help prevent staining. They scrub teeth and massage gums whilst you’re eating, and also boost saliva production. These processes are all important for maintaining a healthy white smile. 
So, there we have it, 5 ways to avoid teeth staining. From thorough cleaning to smoking cessation, there are lots of things we can all do to reduce staining today! Alternatively, if you’d rather we took care of keeping your teeth pearly white, you can check out our range of teeth whitening services and get in touch on 01932 582 949 to get booked in…

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