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Fear of the dentist is an extremely common phobia and, thankfully for the nervious patients of Surrey, one that the team at The Courtyard Clinic have a lot of experience dealing with. From the first time you speak to Alison on the phone through to meeting our fantastic team of dental nurses and hygienists to meeting our gentle and caring dentists, every member of the team at TCC is trained to look after nervous and anxious patients.
When you do come to the clinic you will notice that the whole experience is very different to the traditional idea of a dental practice. In addition to advanced equipment, we have introduced a fresh concept in patient care. Instead of a waiting room, we have a luxurious lounge with leather chairs, up to date magazines and a choice of refreshments. The three high tech clinics are light and airy and even scented to not smell like a clinical area, whilst still retaining the highest standards of cleanliness.
We allow a generous amount of time for each patient, so we can run to schedule without keeping you waiting. This allows us to listen to your questions, rather than rushing you through an appointment. We aim to provide the best quality dental care to help patients achieve optimum oral health. Our goal is a lifetime of smiles with natural teeth!
We encourage our patients to bring someone with you for moral support during your treatment. You can bring in your own music to distract you, choose from our music selection or even enjoy a movie or television programme with our video glasses
One of the keys to conquering your fear of the dentist in our opinion is understanding of what is happening and giving you as the patient back some control. The team of expert dentists are trained to explain every stage of the treatment so that you understand exactly what is happening at all times. Noises, equipment and materials will be explained in advance, so you know what to expect, when and why.
Sometimes a patients phobia is so severe that they need some medicinal help in the early stages to help them through the treatment. For this we have a medically trained team of specialist anaesthatists known as Sedation Solutions, who can provide intravenous drugs to provide the patient with a complete sense of relaxation with no memory of the procedure following. We also offer oral Valium to calm patients nerves where appropriate. All of these techniques are carried out in a safe and controlled environment where we moniter the patient every step of the way.
Lastly our aim at TCC is PAIN FREE INJECTIONS- the way we do this is by using a gel placed on the gum first to numb to top surface- we then use a computerised local anaesthetic device which delivers the anaesthesia at an extremely slow rate. This helps to make the process almost completely pain free and our patients love it!
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