Gift of better skin

Give The Gift Of Better Skin This Christmas

Looking for some gifting ideas for Christmas? Why not give the gift of better skin! Here at The Courtyard Clinic, as well as our dental care, we also offer skincare products to help our patients feel confident with their skin as well as their smile. From targeted acne treatments to retinol skin brighteners, we offer products to cater to any skin needs or concerns…

What skincare brands do we recommend?

Whilst there are lots of great brands on the market, here at the clinic we recommend ZO Skin Care. This is because it’s a medical grade skin care routine that has deeper, more beneficial and more potent effects than high street brands. Founded by Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO develops innovative skincare solutions that optimize skin health based on the latest advances in skin therapy technologies.

What products do we sell?

We offer a range of different products each targeting a different skin type, concern or need. As well as cleansers, exfoliators and toners, we also offer retinols, serums, peels, masques and sunscreens. Our ZO products are also split into categories on our website making them much easier to shop. Simply choose your skin treatment type, and then choose your products. We also offer skincare kits which each contain between 4 and 6 items. From a Complexion Clearing Program to an Aggressive Anti-Aging Program, there is a kit for every skin type.

Not sure which products to purchase?

Why not buy a gift voucher to spend on the products! Your recipient can then book their free consultation with us and spend their voucher on the products we recommend for their skin type and concerns. During this consultation we’ll also outline how to get the most out of the products.
If you’d like to get your Christmas shopping started now, give us a call on 01932 582 949 and we can talk you through our product range and get you set up for your free consultation!

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