Does Dried Fruit Really Damage The Teeth?

Mix of dried fruits and nuts - symbols of judaic holiday Tu BishvatFruit is ready to enjoy as dried fruit, frozen fruit, canned fruit, and fresh fruit. Dried fruit has been thought to cause damage to the teeth, but not all experts agree.
Key takeaways:

  • The assertion that dried fruits are sticky and adhere to the teeth is based on very weak evidence.
  • Further research on the effects of chewing dried fruit on the teeth is required.
  •   Dried fruit has immense nutritional benefits as well as having antimicrobial compounds. Other benefits are triggering salivary flow.

Dr Sadler says that further research into the effects of chewing dried fruit on the teeth is required, including balancing any detrimental effects against potentially positive attributes such as encouraging salivary flow and the presence of anti-microbial compounds and sorbitol in the fruit.
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