Developments in dentistry: lasers to repair teeth and prevent the need for root canal

Here at The Courtyard Clinic we are a ‘state of the art’ practice, always on the look out for the latest developments in dentistry. An interesting development has been released from US researchers today on national news of lasers being used to regenerate dentine (the inner part of teeth under the enamel) and could potentially be used by dentists to prevent the need for root canal.
As many of our patients will tell you we use lasers for many purposes in the practice such as reshaping the gums and minor surgery with much success. We also use cement which can regenerate the nerve if it is exposed by decay in a similar way to the laser in this study thus preventing the need for root canal. Although it is not available to dentists yet the combination of these techniques would be very interesting and our patients can rest assured that as soon as this technology is at a satisfactory standard we will bring it to the practice. It is always our aim at The Courtyard Clinic to provide our patients with the best available to make their dental experience as comfortable as possible!
(reference: Lasers ‘could prevent’ need for root canal treatment. By James Gallagher BBC News)

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