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Dental Fillings Heal Teeth with Stem Cells

dental model showing different types of treatments (gold crown, porcelain veener, gold inlays, amalgam and composite fillings)
dental filling model

Scientists have developed regenerative dental fillings that will help replace dentures. The researchers are in the next phase of development, seeking to find a technique to insert the fillings.
Key takeaways:

  • The regenerative dental fillings have been described as a new dental paradigm for dental treatments.
  • These fillings stimulate stem cells to grow new dentin which effectively lead to growth of new teeth.
  • The restorative treatment makes use of therapeutic biomaterials that trigger this new application of stem cells.

“We have designed synthetic biomaterials that can be used similarly to dental fillings but can be placed in direct contact with pulp tissue to stimulate the native stem cell population for repair and regeneration of pulp tissue and the surrounding dentin.”
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