1. Some Astounding Ways to Whiter Teeth

    19th October 2016 by thecourtyardclinic

    whiter teeth

    Having a bright smile may open doors for you. But you must take care with everyday habits to maintain that dazzling smile.

    Key takeaways:

    · A bright smile will help you get more dates and secure a dream job. A sparkling smile certainly helps you to stand out.
    · Avoid dark-colored foods and energy drinks, and don’t use baking soda products to clean teeth.
    · Eat raw fruits and vegetables, change your toothbrush regularly, and brush your tongue.

    Although they’re a good go-to for vitamin C, citrus fruits, such as lemons and limes, contain acid that erodes tooth enamel. This can make teeth stain more easily. The fix? Make sure to rinse your mouth out with water immediately after eating these fruits to wash the destructive acid off your teeth.

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  2. Smile Makeover

    3rd December 2015 by thecourtyardclinic

    This young lady was just about to start university and wanted to have her teeth straightened for her new adventure. We were able to help her with a short course of orthodontics for 6 months to give her the results she was after.

  3. Smile Makeover

    27th November 2015 by thecourtyardclinic


    This very outgoing Australian singer felt was getting debilitating headaches that affected her work. She wanted not only to have treatment for her headaches but wanted her face to have more symmetry and her smile to shine while she was on stage…


  4. Smile Makeover

    by thecourtyardclinic


    Bruce was the local taxi man / a somewhat public figure of the small town. He had ground his teeth down to almost nothing when I saw him and needed a full transformation. We were not only able to improve his oral health but also give him a more youthful appearance by restoring his teeth to what they once were. We combined neuromuscular treatment to stabilize his jaw with crown and bridge-work to give him his new look…

  5. Smile Makeovers

    10th October 2014 by thecourtyardclinic

    Alex October 2014Alex presented unhappy with the white spots on his teeth from orthodontic treatment. Alex had a combination of tooth whitening, DMG Icon and Cosmetic bonding and was very happy with his smile that people keep on commenting on!

  6. Smile Makeovers

    by thecourtyardclinic

    Claire September 2014Claire presented unhappy with her narrow smile and old crowns and veneers. She had a combination of replacement crowns buypropeciaonline.org and veneers as well as no-preparation veneers to give her a beautiful wide smile she was thrilled with in just one visit!

  7. Smile Makeovers

    11th August 2014 by thecourtyardclinic


    Jillian was thrilled with her new smile following tooth whitening, new crowns and replacement of her missing teeth.

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