1. A Happy Patient Shares Her Experience

    29th September 2016 by thecourtyardclinic

    teWe’re always pleased to hear from our patients – especially when they have such positive things to say about their treatment. Take a look at the kind words from this happy patient:

    “I have been a nervous patient for many years, getting into a dental surgery was always a difficult experience for myself but dealing with treatment is something I have never been willing or comfortable to proceed with.

    Having had a chipped tooth which decayed for years and years which lead to the point of necessary extraction, I seeked extra help in the form of a dentist I felt comfortable with.

    Dr. Claire Holly Wilkinson was the answer I had been looking for. Her professional but polite and friendly manner was ultimately what led me to know that The Courtyard clinic was the place for me.

    She was extremely comforting and reassuring in explaining the need for extraction having given me all the time in the world to give her my story and past experiences and was rest assured that Claire was not going to give me an experience to forget.

    Having gone through with the extraction I now no longer have any fear or insecurities over visiting the Dentist whatever the issue may be!

    Her front door staff and receptionist Alison are exceedingly welcoming and make it a very niche experience that I would recommend to the utmost highest of commandment! 10/10, I will be visiting the surgery regularly and there are no ways to improve the service these ladies provide. Outstanding!”

  2. Minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry at The Courtyard Clinic, Chertsey.

    27th November 2013 by thecourtyardclinic


    Our newest team member Dr Simon Chard has recently returned from a 3 day meeting in London with some of the leading lights in cosmetic dentistry at the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) conference 2013. The conference, in it’s 10th year, is an opportunity for people from around the world to come and present the most modern techniques in improving patients smiles.


    The key trend this year was minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry, something the team at The Courtyard Clinic is very passionate about!

    Minimally invasive dentistry is the philosophy that when improving patient’s smiles we remove as little of the patient’s natural tooth as possible- thus improving the prognosis of the patient’s natural teeth. Traditional cosmetic dentistry developed a less than ideal reputation in the dental world for being overly destructive of natural teeth. The new wave of modern and ethical cosmetic dentists, such as the dentists at The Courtyard Clinic, employ the latest materials, techniques and technology to be as minimal as possible.

    This includes the use of:

    • Adult orthodontics (braces)
    • Tooth whitening
    • CEREC technology
    • Modern Ceramic materials
    • Modern aesthetic white filling materials
    • Implants

    At this latest conference Dr Simon, who sits on a number of committees for the BACD, enjoyed discussions on a number of these latest advances in the field and this week has brought them back to review their implementation with the team at The Courtyard Clinic.

    Please contact Alison on 01932 582949 or at reception@thecourtyardclinic.com if you would like to improve your smile in a modern and minimally invasive manner.

  3. Updating our knowledge for Nervous Patients

    29th September 2011 by thecourtyardclinic

    Last weekend Dr. Yasmin George spent her Saturday with 180 like minded doctors and dentists when she attended the SAAD Autumn Conference at the Royal Society of Medicine in London.
    SAAD (Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry) is a leading body in the field of sedation in dentistry and the treatment of nervous and phobic dental patients. Dr. George and her team regularly update their knowledge and can confidently offer a range of clever techniques to enable nervous and special needs or handicapped patients receive the dental care they want and need.
    The Courtyard Clinic can now help even the most ‘needle phobic’ patients thanks to the latest techniques we offer.
    For more information call us on 01932 582949.

  4. patient testimonials March and April 2011

    21st April 2011 by thecourtyardclinic

    RE-cementing of a crown – Male –Age 5- from Harpenden
    My tooth dropped out this morning and I could not concentrate or smile or talk until it was sorted. I was working in the area and David saw me as an emergency patient, as I could not get to see my own dentist. David was excellent. He talked me through what he was doing, discussed options and treated me as a usual patient.

    Crown and fillings – Male – Age 64 – from Chertsey
    I have been coming to The courtyard Clinic for 18 months now and think that the work that has been carried out so far has been excellent.

    Hygienist – Female – Age 52 from Englefield Green
    I came to see the hygienist today and I’m very pleased with the result. My mouth now feels fresh and clean. I found the hygienist to be very efficient and friendly.

    Cleaning – Male – Age 37 from Chertsey
    My visit was to the hygienist for a clean today. I’m very happy with my teeth now and don’t even think about them anymore. The hygienist was very good and helpful.

    Snap-On-smile – Male – Age 47 from Sunningdale
    I’ve been very excited about my appointment today, as I was having my Snap-On-Smile fitted to my top set of nashers. I think they look brilliant and my dentist, what a superstar!!

    Extensive treatment – female – age 52 from Feltham
    I’ve had lots of work done at the courtyard clinic, including Whitening, Cerec crowns and a new chrome plate. My teeth now look absolutely fabulous – love them. David is amazing; all the staff are.

    Cerec – Female – Age 61 from Chertsey
    My dentist is wonderful and I’m very happy with my 2 Cerec inlays. They are magic.

    Root Canal Treatment – Male Age 49 from Marlow
    I travelled about 30 miles for treatment today because my dentist is excellent. My teeth are poor, hence the root canal treatment, but David made my appointment comfortable and pain free.

    Fillings – Female – Age 65 from Camberley
    I had 2 fillings today and I was so comfortable that I dozed off! I never thought that would happen in the dentist chair. My teeth look much better than they did before treatment.

    Braces – female – Age 18 from London
    I’m planning to have some braces fitted. I needed to have lots of records taken to progress with my treatment. I had moulds taken, some photographs and xrays. My teeth could be improved and hopefully they will look better once my treatment has been completed. Yasmin is very nice and a good dentist.

    Cleaning – Male – Age 11 from Walton – On- Thames
    I had teeth cleaning today. I think my teeth could be better, and nicer. My dentist is nice.

    Cleaning – Male – Age 13 from Walton – On – Thames
    I had my teeth cleaned. My teeth are fairly clean, but I need to spend more time on them, I do tend to rush too much. The staff here do a good job.

    Fillings – Male – Age 37 from Richmond
    I had some fillings done today. I tend not to think about my teeth but I feel they are much improved. My dentist is very good and also very helpful.

    Braces – Female – Age 14 from Cobham
    I’m currently having my jaw moved forward and I’m wearing a Damon brace. At the moment my teeth are progressing very well and my jaw is on the way to success! Yasmin, my dentist is very kind and concentrated, very organised.

    Check – up –Female – Age 65 from Camberley
    After years of poor dentistry I now feel that we are with buy pfizer viagra 100mg the right people. I feel confident in Yasmins work, she’s brilliant.

    Hygienist – Female – Age 11 from Sunbury
    I saw the hygienist today, now my teeth feel very clean and smooth. She was very gentle and understanding. I am no longer anxious about my dental visits.

    Snap –On-Smile – Female – Age 47 from Woking
    I’m getting married in April and wanted a fast fix before the big day. I had records and impressions taken today for my Snap –On-Smile. My dentist David was very nice and through. I’m looking forward to the final result.

    Hygienist – Male – Age 60 from Ottershaw
    I’ve been a patient here for 2 years now and I’m very happy with the treatment I have received. I think my teeth are Okay. The hygienist is very nice and very good.

    Clean – Male –Age 38 from Richmond
    I came to see the hygienist today for a clean. They feel much better now. The hygienist is very good and very helpful.

    Whitening – Female – Age 42 from Bedfordshire
    I had teeth whitening done today. I decided to go for the Gold Package. I think my teeth are an asset.

    Check – up Male – Age 47 from Woking
    I had a check up and a cleaning done today, also a temporary filling. My teeth are basically trouble free , reasonably presentable. My lower front teeth may need cosmetic attention. David gave first class explanations. I wonder about the wisdom of personal chat? Technically first class and efficient.

    Impression – Male – Age 11 from Woking
    I had an impression and x-ray today. I think my teeth are big and not very straight. My dentist is instructive, helpful and productive.

  5. Dentistry 'Down under'!

    13th September 2010 by thecourtyardclinic

    Dr. Yasmin George has just returned from a week’s stay in Sydney where she was the guest of Dr. Derek Mahony the owner of Australia’s largest private orthodontic practice and leading orthodontic educator worldwide.

     Dentistry, in particular orthodontics (braces) is a  rapidly progressing field, and it was extremely stimulating and interesting to not only see a wide variety of cases but  to discuss latest techniques for adults and early treatment for children.

  6. Dentist Friend or Foe?

    25th June 2010 by thecourtyardclinic

    Is it my teeth?

    Studies show that people who suffer from dental phobia usually feel embarrassed about the state of their teeth, and it’s this embarrassment that stops them from seeking help. (Source: www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov )

    This leads to a vicious cycle – by the time many people gather the courage to see a dentist their teeth have been neglected for some time, which means they need to spend lots of time at the dentist and the procedures are very likely to be invasive, the very treatment they feared in the first place.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way. Regular check-ups will help prevent most problems before they begin, and as opposed to the dentist of yester-year, today’s dentists are usually very sympathetic.

    1. The first thing to do is to acknowledge your fears and understand exactly what it is that scares you about the dentist. Knowing what you fear will help put you in control once you’re in the dentist’s chair.
    2. Find a dentist you can trust, and one that you will make you feel comfortable. Ask your friends and family for a referral and if that fails look for a dentist that specialises in nervous patients. And then talk to them, tell them your fears and ask for their help in trying to address those fears and to help you relax.
    3. Distraction. A common avoidance technique is to take along some music so that you’re not aware of the normal sounds of a dentist’s office, especially the drill.
    4. Relaxation and self-hypnosis. Practice this with a trained health professional beforehand and this can be very effective method of coping with the dentist’s chair.
    5. If all else fails…. many specially trained dentists can offer sedation which can greatly help very nervous individuals receive the treatment they need.

    Remember that the dentist is trained to deal with decayed teeth and receding gums, that’s their job. And no matter how bad you think your teeth are, they’ve probably seen worse.

  7. Cerec 'expert' joins The Courtyard Clinic

    15th June 2010 by thecourtyardclinic

    We are delighted to tell you that next week Dr David Lewis will be joining our team, here at The Courtyard Clinic.  David has considerable experience with computer aided Cad Cam dentistry… which in simple terms means CEREC dentistry..one visit porcelain crowns, veneers and  onlays…. custom made for the tooth without impressions. He also has a diploma in implants and will be developing this aspect of the practice together with providing general dentistry for all his patients.

    David is married and has four children and previously had his own private practice in Marlow. See the  ‘About Us’ section on our website to learn more about the new member of our team.

  8. Our Dental Team

    13th May 2010 by thecourtyardclinic

    The practice team is lead by our practice manager  Mrs Alison Muir.

    Alison has many years of experience in the dentistry as a nurse, receptionist and in the last 15 years as a practice manager.

    She is also registered with the GDC as a dental nurse.  Alison deals with the  booking of patient appointments, gets invloved in new patient liason, marketing, as well as follow up correspondence and communication with our patients after their treatment.

    Our Nurses

    We have two qualified, experienced  Dental Nurses:  Melanie and Sue. They ensure the practice meets the latest health legislation and the standards of cross infection control are of the highest quality for both patients and staff. Both are fully qualified to assist in surgical and restorative procedures as well as intravenous sedation.

     The practice provides the highest standard of continuing professional development through in-house and external training. There is a great team participation in every aspect of the patient’s treatment. Melanie is currently studying for a certificate in dental radiography.

    Our Hygienist

    Our hygienist, Marie is experienced in implant and periodontal work and responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of both our implant and periodontal patients, as well as patients who have orthodontic braces……she  also cares for all patients’ oral hygiene and maintenance programmes.

  9. 'State of the Art' Fixed Braces

    13th April 2010 by thecourtyardclinic

    On Saturday 10 April, despite the lovely weather and the Grand National(!) Dr Yasmin George joined 50 experienced othodontists from all over UK and Europe  in London’s Hilton Hotel Paddington, and attended a seminar in Advanced Smile Design using the Insignia brace.

    Insignia is a computerised system that combines digital treatment planning and ‘custom made’ fixed braces and wires to give the patient a faster, more comfortable, predictable treatment outcome with fixed braces.

    Insignia is idea for children and adults who want straight teeth, and not only can show you a preview before treatment starts, of how the teeth will look at the end of treatment….but also  allows the dentist to work to a high level of detail previously not possible with ‘off the shelf’ braces.

    We at The Courtyard Clinic are very excited to be able to offer this level of care to our patients.

  10. Nervous patients..? We can help…..

    15th March 2010 by thecourtyardclinic

    Last weekend, Yasmin, Sue and Melanie spent 2 days at Queen Mary College, University of London updating their sedation training with SAAD.

    SAAD (Society for Advancement of Anaesthetics in Dentistry) is recognised as one of the leading authorities in this area and demand for places on this course was high. It was attended by  160 dentists and their nurses from all over the UK. The latest techniques and recommendations were discussed, so now we feel even more confident that we can offer our more nervous patients the very best care to help them have the treatment they need.

    We would like to invite anyone who finds going to the dentist difficult or stressful to give us a ring and find out more about how we can help.

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