Brush Your Teeth in the Dark to Help Sleep, Says Oxford University Neuroscientist

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young woman brushing teeth

Research reveals that brushing teeth in the dark will promote sleep. An alternative would be using a bathroom light that has a different setting for night.
Key takeaways:

  •        Turning on the bathroom light to brush the teeth after having turned off all other lights in preparation for bedtime may affect the ability to fall asleep.
  • Staying indoors during the day may knock off about 46 minutes from the amount of sleep you get at night. Indoor lighting provides 300 to 500 lux compared to 100,000 lux of a sunny day.
  • Sleep is essential for repairing damaged tissues, clearing toxins, and restoring metabolic pathways.

Russell Foster, professor of circadian neuroscience, claims that the bright fluorescent light of bathrooms wakes the body up just when it should be switching off.
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