Breathe well, sleep well

Did you know that children who snore at night or sleep with their mouth open are often not getting a good night’s rest despite being asleep for 7, 8 or 9 hours a night.? The same applies to adults, who wake up feeling as if they have never been to bed. The reason is that snoring and ‘mouth breathing’ results in sub optimal oxygenation of the blood which in turn delivers lower levels ofoxygen to the cells, organs and muscles around the body.
Hence the person feels tired and fatigued, in a growing child cognitive function is affected, and research has shown that a number of these children are labelled ADHD and prescribed Ritalin.
There is also an increased incidence of ‘nocturnal diuresis’ or bed wetting in mouth breathing/snoring children.
Habitual mouth breathing also has an effect on the growth and development of the jaw whichthen has orthodontic consequences in terms of dental crowding and problem ‘bites’.
We, at The Courtyard Clinic can advise and help make sure that these issues are addressed and dealt with by recognising the signs early and investigating the cause.
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