Bleeding Gums and Pregnancy

Many pregnant women experience increasing bleeding from the gums, this is due to the change of  hormone balance in the body. The gums get swollen and red and bleed when brushing and flossing as they are more sensitive to the effects of plaque and bacteria.
This condition is called Gingivitis (gum inflammation). This is a reversible process, which means that if you clean away the bacteria and the plaque, the gums will return to their original healthy structure.
Some women stop brushing and flossing as they worry about making things worse when actually, the right thing is to brush and floss thoroughly and more regularly. Getting rid of the plaque is the best way to treat the gums until the hormone balance is restored after the pregnancy.
Neglecting the gums can turn into a more serious condition called periodontitis. This condition can cause tooth loss later in life.
Another reason for maintaining healthy gums during pregnancy is the risk of having a premature delivery.
Some studies have shown that women suffering from Periodontitis are more likely to have a premature delivery. See the article on http://www.perio.org/consumer/women_risk.htm/
Ask your dentist for advice if you notice increasing bleeding from your gums.

Some products used in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis:

  • Corsodyl Mouthwash
  • Eludril Mouthwash, mouth spray
  • Dentomycin
  • Perio chip

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