Bad breath..do I have it?

This is a question we often get asked….and it is our professional responsibility to give an honest reply…if the answer is ‘yes’ , there is plenty of advice and treatment we can offer.
The cause of bad breath is most often due to a cavity or cavities or due to gum disease and trapped food or plaque not being removed. Sometimes however the cause can be a stomach or digestive disorder. But first a dental cause must be eliminated before our medical colleagues step in.  So regular check ups will ensure that a cavity is not overlooked, as often dental decay does not hurt so you may not be aware of the problem. Then regular visits to a good hygienist will make sure that the gums are healthy and that a good home maintenance routine is being followed. Using small brushes or dental tape to clean between the teeth is particularly good as this is where the toothbrush can’t always get.

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