All these different crowns which one to choose?

Choosing what crown to have can be very confusing. An informed decision would be made by you the patient after thorough discussion with your dentist at The Courtyard Clinic. It’s your dentist’s job to help educate you about your mouth and how it works. Only by understanding your mouth can you understand what treatment would be best for you.
A Crown is a structure that is bonded on top of a tooth. Crowns are designed to improve the underlying tooth in various ways such as strength and appearance. In order for a crown to be placed on to a tooth the tooth must be prepared. A prepared tooth would have tooth structure removed in order to accommodate for the thickness of the crown. Let’s now look at what teeth would be suitable for a crown:
• Teeth that have been heavily filled with amalgam or composite fillings that requires strengthening
• Teeth that have been root treated are usually susceptible to breaking so require strengthening
• Teeth that are severely discoloured due to an existing large filling or extensive decay
Different crowns do different jobs. Some examples of crowns are:
• All ceramic (porcelain)  crowns
• Porcelain bonded to metal crowns
• Composite crowns
• Acrylic (plastic) crowns
• Full gold crowns
For improved aesthetics especially in area in the front of the mouth all ceramic crowns are a very popular option. For individuals that exhibit a powerful bite with possible grinding or clenching habits gold crowns at the back of the mouth might be advised. For further information about crowns, contact your dentist at The Courtyard Clinic.
Written by Dr Amit Dodia

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