Airflow Dental Hygiene

Airflow Dental Hygiene at The Courtyard Clinic

We are excited to announce a new treatment at The Courtyard Clinic. Introducing our new Airflow Dental Hygiene solution from swiss-made EMS! 
So what is Airflow Dental Hygiene? Airflow cleanses the teeth and gums using air, powder and a warm stream of water. This results in a comfortable, pain free treatment to give a gentle &  deep scale and polish.
AirFlow scale and polishing has advanced our hygienist, dental appliance hygiene and implant treatment service provision. Few clinics offer this highly advanced gum therapy, and you will see and feel the difference this new technique has to offer vs the more simplistic routine hand scale and polish. Give it a try, especially if you have sensitive teeth. The warm water and gentle powder combination will give your teeth a sparkle in the most comfortable way like no other!
Airflow is commonly used to remove biofilm – the plaque where harmful bacteria lives. We can see how much harmful bacteria is present by using disclosing agents and then removing it using the Airflow. Airflow dental treatment removes plaque painlessly and prevents it from becoming harmful for up to 90 days. This will leave you with healthier teeth & gums, and a brighter smile the same day!

Why Airflow? 

Airflow is combined with Piezon technology. There are various settings, features and modes to suit your every need; temperature and pressure can be adjusted for increased comfort.

  • Removes dental plaque and consequently helps prevent periodontal disease and tooth loss
  • Recommended for the care and maintenance of your implants or crowns
  • Leaves you with a fresh and smooth surface across your teeth
  • Uses Piezon no pain for more comfortable scaling
  • Removes stains on your teeth
  • Makes whitening procedures more effective
  • You will have a brighter and healthier smile after just one single visit
  • Adaptable and suitable for all ages
  • Warm water scaler for increased comfort
  • It can be safely used on veneers
  • It can clean deep into periodontal pockets painlessly and effectively


Who is Airflow good for?

One of the best parts of our new Airflow treatment is its adaptability to suit a wide range of ages and use-cases. Airflow dental hygiene is particularly suitable for: 

  • Efficient and time saving for patients of any age.
  • Nervous patients and young patients who can find treatment a challenge.
  • Highly stained teeth. AirFlow Dental Stain Removal works by using a fine jet of compressed air, water, and fine powder particles to remove extrinsic stain i.e. stain caused by tea, red wine, smoking, some mouth washes etc. Although this isn’t tooth whitening your teeth will feel brighter, whiter, smoother, and rejuvenated.                                                      
  • Sensitive teeth. Those who find ultrasonic scaling treatments very painful much prefer the pleasant AirFlow system by cleaning and polishing in one step. The water is warmed too to help sensitivity. 
  • People wearing orthodontic appliances/denture or implant prostheses. The gentle cleaning mechanism means we can effectively clean these hard-to-reach surfaces without breaking them. We can do a wonderfully deep clean safely around brackets, wires, and removable devices.
  • Implants. The AirFlow Master’s ‘PerioFlow’ attachment is the only clinically supported implant cleaning method of its kind, it has been proven to decisively contribute to the long-term preservation of implants. It is gentle on implant surfaces, while traditional metal instruments have been shown to scratch implant surfaces and increase surface roughness. We care about the longevity of your previous dental work.
  • Gum disease. The PerioFlow handpiece has revolutionised the way we treat gum diseases. It is an advanced treatment for periodontal disease for sustained bacteria reduction. The PerioFlow’s flexible, rubber tip can reach the deepest pockets in the most comfortable, minimally invasive way, meaning a much more comfortable and effective treatment for our patients compared to traditional metal tips on handpieces.


Get in touch with The Courtyard Clinic today to try our new EMS Airflow solution for a healthier, brighter and cleaner smile! 


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