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Action on Sugar and BDA’s Call for Reduction of Sugar in Children Foods

smile beauty teeth Food manufacturers in the UK have been urged to comply and commit to the plan to reduce sugar levels in foods. This will go a long way toward fighting children’s obesity and dental problems.
Key takeaways:

  • The Childhood Obesity Plan by government is a way to improve diet through phased reduction in the amount of sugar and sweetness in foods.
  • Action on Sugar supports the targeted 20 percent reduction in sugar which they believe is achievable by the year 2020 if food manufacturers commit to it.
  • The campaign to reduce sugar consumption in children has received widespread support from dentists; they advocate for measures that include effective public education, taxation, and changes to advertising and marketing

The BDA is supporting Action on Sugar’s call for a reduction in the shocking levels of sugar in some popular foods, many of which are aimed at children.

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