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Where do I start… from a phone call on Friday with Alison to her passing Claire the phone to have a chat.
I had 15 days till my wedding at this point and was very much on the unlikeliness of getting anything sorted out with my teeth. I walked in on the Tuesday without a smile in site by Thursday evening I was beaming like a Cheshire Cat. The lady’s that Claire work with are a credit to a young women living out her passion in fixing people’s teeth, smile and more importantly there self confidence. I can’t thank you and the lady’s enough.

Just want to thank you again Claire for giving myself and my new wife the perfect smiles on our wedding day

The thought of going to the dentist used to make me feel indescribably anxious to the point of cancelling my appointment and hoping my teeth would look after themselves with no future problems. I suppose it was the thought of losing control, feeling numbness in my mouth after injections, choking etc. My son introduced me to The Courtyard Clinic, Dr Clare Wilkinson and I have not looked back. From calling Alison Muir and making the first appointment and telling her how anxious I was I could not have been in better hands. Dr Clare knew how anxious I was and on my initial consultation/treatment informed me of different types of medication that could help me which in the end I did not need. She reassured me every step of the way continually asking if I was ok and that any time she could stop. That made me feel in control and that she understood and had listened to me. I currently have had two crowns fitted (latest technology used – so no ghastly material used to make an impression of your teeth) The crowns were fitted on the same day! I have also had root canal treatment and Dr Clare is working with me to produce my target ” a beautiful smile ” with clean, white healthy teeth and gums. My fear of the dentist has nearly all but gone as I still get nervous but I know that Dr Clare and her colleagues are an absolutely brilliant team giving an exceptional individual customer service. Dr Clare and her team have helped me overcome my dentist phobia! Hooray!
The most professional service ever! From the first point of contact whilst discussing an appointment with the lovely Alison on reception to actually having the treatment that I needed I feel everyone at this surgery were fabulous. The lovely dentist Claire was so patience and listened to my dental problems. My treatment was pain free and a great result was achieved by her and her lovely dental nurse Emma.

I would highly recommend this dental practice – they are all very professional and friendly……..a great team.

I was recommended to go to The Courtyard Clinic in Chertsey by 2 friends who totally recommended it. From Alison on reception to dentist Claire and nurse Emma, my whole experience was brilliant. Wow I had 2 crowns, 3 fillings plus the hygienist in one appointment. Working full time it was perfect!

The quality, service and high standard of dental treatment was fantastic. I would definitely recommend trying this high tech up to the minute dentist.

The most professional service ever! From the first point of contact whilst discussing an appointment with the lovely Alison on reception to actually having the treatment that I needed I feel everyone at this surgery were fabulous. The most professional service ever! From the first point of contact whilst discussing an appointment with the lovely Alison on reception to actually having the treatment that I needed I feel everyone at this surgery were fabulous. The lovely dentist Claire was so patience and listened to my dental problems. My treatment was pain free and a great result was achieved by her and her lovely dental nurse Emma. I would highly recommend this dental practice – they are all very professional and friendly……..a great team.
I was recommended The Courtyard Clinic in Chertsey by a good friend who was very impressed with the quality service and high standard of dental treatment. I was just looking for a dentist who could repair some teeth as quickly and painlessly as possible and at a sensible price.

I had two back teeth which needed new crowns and got this work all done in one visit – the dentist said this was with a Cerec machine. Happy patient!!

I have visited the courtyard clinic a few times to get fillings and dental teeth bonding for my front two teeth, I’ve been insecure about my teeth all my life and thought nothing could fix it or make it look natural however I am so pleased with the results, I look and feel great!

I must express how happy I am with the service, all the staff made me feel at home and talked me through everything step by step. I feel comfortable and this is by far the best dentist I have attended.

I unfortunately had my front tooth knocked out (traumatic experience!) and had no idea what to do going forward. I got in touch with The Courtyard Clinic (Claire) and the help and professionalism has been second to none. Not only did they make me feel at ease and comfortable at my first appointment but Claire went above and beyond to answer all my questions (and I had loads) about what was going to happen to my teeth.

After my first visit, Claire had already set up a plan for me and went through it step by step. I now know my options and feel a lot better about my front tooth. The team that support Claire are also great, they genuinely care for you and your teeth and that’s the important thing. Teeth mean a lot to people so the extra care and kindness goes a long way. I’m now back to normal life, albeit with a splint over my teeth but know my teeth are in good hands and will be sorted out soon enough 🙂

I originally was a patient at The Courtyard Clinic when I decided to get a Somnowell device. However, a while after getting the Somnowell I was then lied to about treatment by my NHS dental practice that I had been a patient with for over 40 years so I decided to try The Courtyard Clinic as my dentist.

It helps that the surroundings are very un-dentist like. However, be warned, there is no waiting room here! In lieu of a waiting room, you get to experience the “Patient Lounge”, which is less waiting room but very much more like a lounge.

The team here are very friendly indeed. For me, as a nervous patient, especially with a fear of needles, the treatment I have had has been far less of an ordeal than it might have been.

The dentist who treated me is Claire Wilkinson. She is friendly and careful to proceed at a pace that is comfortable for the patient, checking frequently during treatment to ensure I was OK.

One reason I chose The Courtyard Clinic over a private dentist nearer to me was the fact that they have “The Wand” available for local anaesthetic. Whilst an extra cost, it makes it far more bearable to receive a local anaesthetic than the usual method.

They also offer sedation, either tablets or IV. I chose sedation via a tablet and it certainly helped me to get through the treatment I had. You need to get there an hour beforehand to take the sedation, but it is no hardship watching TV or reading in their Patient Lounge. If you are not having sedation, you even get offered tea or coffee whilst you are waiting – and no cheap tasting drinks in paper or plastic cups either!

Whilst the initial treatment was not cheap, I have now applied to join Denplan which is an affordable monthly cost to continue having treatment here.

If you phone The Courtyard Clinic, your call will probably be answered by either Alison, the Practice Manager, or Emma. Both of these lovely ladies add to the friendly atmosphere and help to make it a completely different experience to your usual dentist.

If you are unsure, give The Courtyard Clinic a go and be very pleasantly surprised at how nice a visit to the dentist can be.


This is Sam. I just had to write you a quick email to say thank you so very very much to all of you!!!

I have spent my whole life being petrified of Dentists – and i had no idea it could be such an enjoyable, calming experience!!

The best decision I ever made in my life was to walk through your front door – which believe me was very difficult the first time I did it!!

I have never dealt with such a group of people as the team you have working there. Every single one of you has a calming, lovely nature – enough to put the most nervous of patients at ease.

I can’t believe I am about to write this… but I mean every word… I am LOOKING FORWARD to my next appointment!!

Thank you so so much – particularly Claire (I think this her name??!!), my dentist – who managed to explain EVERYTHING that was going to happen, without making me nervous – i basically smiled the whole way through my appointment – unbelievable!!!!!

Thanks to all of you!!

I will be looking out for every opportunity to recommend your dentist to anybody I can.

Best regards,


Hi Alison

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Claire, yourself and Clare.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, and taking the time to respond to my worried emails yesterday.

It’s finally done, and the sky didn’t fall in!

So again, big thank you to all the team! I’m very grateful.

All best


After waiting 5 years to find a suitable treatment for my case, i decided to do my research. I discovered ICON and Dr Simon Chard, whereby after the first consultation, I knew I was in the right hands, and that this would permanently lift my confidence forever.

I had multiple white spots on my teeth caused by orthodontic treatment, making me feel conscious every time I smiled. Both whitening and ICON treatment was carried out, and the results were amazing. My white spots had vanished completely, and my smile was brighter and whiter. Dr Simon Chard has rejuvenated my smile and re-installed my confidence.

From the first consultation through to the end of treatment, my minds been put at ease as I knew I was in professional hands. The treatment was pain free and was completed in one visit. It was a lot easier than anticipated, and Dr Chard constantly communicated with me before, during and post treatment to make sure I was 100% satisfied with the process.

The use of photography to take before and after pictures, as well as the stages throughout treatment was extremely beneficial but also reassuring to see the dramatic improvements made. When comparing the before and after photos, initially i couldn’t believe it, i had to as Simon if this was real. I was so thrilled to see such amazing results.

The entire team at the Courtyard Clinic is so kind and welcoming, and i felt like a family member towards the end of treatment.

Dr Simon Chard is extremely professional and informative. I cant tell you how nice it is to have a dentist who actually understands your wants and needs to the very last detail. His skillful and perfectionist approach meant i received the best outcome post treatment. I’m so grateful to Simon for transforming my smile and giving me so much more confidence. I cant stop smiling. Thank you so much.


The magic that is Karina Patel.

From the moment I meet Karina my world has changed permanently and for the better. After losing many teeth through abscesses and being unable to tolerate root canal treatments, I was in very poor health and in a sorry state. Karina quickly found the cause of these problems. Due to an historic jaw dislocation my whole jaw and body was out of alignment, causing the following symptoms: bad posture, severe back and neck pain, continuing headaches, ear ringing, and facial pain, teeth grinding and snoring. She found that my jaw was receding and that my airway was a quarter of what it should be. Her magic, through orthodontic appliances (day & night) has been astounding. I am now an upright, non slouching person, I sleep soundly at night, my jaw feels as though it now belongs in my head/face, I no longer have headaches, neck or shoulder pain. My treatment is still ongoing but the process so far has been enlightening. The science behind this treatment is truly magic. As are the whole team that make the Courtyard Clinic feel like family.

I am a snorer. This had caused my wife and I many sleepless nights. Until I found Somnowell. They offered a virtually indestructible non intrusive device guaranteed to stop my snoring. I found The Courtyard Clinic listed as my nearest dentist who could fit this for me. Coming from a background in Health & Safety I was delighted with the warm welcome and the immediate comfort of the surroundings. The visit was quick and efficient. I no longer snore and the Somnowell is unobtrusive unlike other plastic gag like devices which fall to pieces in a few months and make you drool all night because the nerves in your mouth are constantly being stimulated. This doesn’t happen with this device. You can drink and talk with the unit in your mouth. As it is skilfully custom made and fitted it is very unobtrusive. The only possible drawbacks I had found had been a dry mouth sometimes and some slight adjustment needed to the overbite setting after about 8 months of continual use. This is one of the best thing to happen to improve my wife’s rest, mood and our relationship. We are very happy with what has proved to be a brilliant investment in our quality of life. Expertly made, superbly fitted and virtually indestructible. Thank you so much professional Team


After my initial consultation about 2 years ago, when I was advised to wear braces to fix my teeth and smile, I knew I was in good hands at The Courtyard Clinic as their caring approach and professionalism are exceptional. The results are truly outstanding. Friends and family are constantly commenting how radiant I look, as I can’t stop smiling! Everyone at the Courtyard Clinic is highly professional and makes you feel welcome at all times. I can only recommend the Courtyard Clinic to anyone who needs a good dentist, hygienist, orthodontist and/or teeth whitening.

We were very happy with the whole experience from start to finish. I felt that the treatment has been performed at a very high level and consistent with the plan that had been given in the States. Accomodating the kids school schedules and ever changing circumstance while arranging appointments is especially appreciated!

I am very satisfied with the treatment I received at the Courtyard Clinic. The service was excellent and I now have a very well fitting denture.

Edelweiss veneers to the front four teeth. My teeth are now very presentable, they look wonderful. The dentist was the friendliest dentist I have seen.

B.S 55 yr old Male patient

At all times I was treated in a highly professional manner and the after treatment follow ups have been exceptional. I now have the smile I always wanted. Wow how white can I get!

Mital and his team have been so professional and helpful throughout the whole process. From the initial consultation to the finishing treatment / session I have been extremely impressed by the care and attention I have received throughout. I had pain after the initial Zoom treatment and Mital returned my calls, even out of hours.! I am extremely happy with the final result. I have a job in PR that involves some TV work, so image is very important. Thanks Mital for all your help in achieving such a great result. You have indeed done what your publicity states “creating confident smiles”


Initially I was very nervous on deciding to have some dental work. I had a childhood experience that stopped me from seeing a dentist for 15 years. Mital straight away reassured me; always fully explained every procedure and always ensure I was happy to continue at each stage.

Mital’s professionalism and great personality helped me to overcome my fear of dentist and I even looked forward to the improvements I noticed in my teeth each visit. Mital is very honest and this helped me develop trust in what he advised in relation to my teeth.

Six months ago I was always smiling with my lips closed; now I am laughing and smiling constantly with a huge smile delighted to show my beautiful white and straight teeth. I cannot wait to be a beaming bride next week.

Thank you so much.


For the first time ever, I realised that my champagne taste (but on a meagre income) was worth shelling out for.

I had experienced dental problems for years but now that these problems have been beautifully and brilliantly resolved by The Courtyard Clinic
I feel like the 6 million dollar woman – and all this at a cost that the Clinic helped me find affordable.


Before being recommended to go to The Courtyard Clinic, I thought that my teeth were in good shape. The state-of-the-art technological inspection showed me that my teeth needed serious attention – something that my previous dentist appeared to have overlooked. The action taken plus the ‘plan for the future’ gave me the confidence that I will now have a lifelong enjoyment of my natural set of teeth without which might have been for me a set of chattering dentures!


I recently undertook sedation for a tooth extraction at the Courtyard Clinic. I suffer from occasional anxiety attacks in constrained circumstances and was concerned that I would find the procedure difficult to endure. Sedation was recommended and made all the difference. The sedating professional had a very reassuring ‘bedside manner’, and worked in a very professional partnership with my dentist. Although I remember nothing of the operation itself – no discomfort, no anxiety whatsoever – I am assured that I was conscious and co-operative throughout the thirty minute procedure. My thanks to the whole team.


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