9 Ways You Stain Your Teeth without Even Knowing It

Glass of strawberry yoghurt, with fresh strawberries and a spoon.
Sports drinks can be grouped among foods that cause damage to the teeth since they contain high amounts of sugars.
Key takeaways:

  • Lemonade contains high amounts acid and sugar that are detrimental to dental health. The acid wear out the enamel on the teeth.
  • Juices and smoothies can stain the teeth since they contain lots of vegetables and berries.
  • Green teas may stain the teeth in a similar way to the black and brown teas albeit in a mild way.

Colorful cough syrups are full of sugar that can cause deterioration. These meds will also leave stains on your teeth if you take them repeatedly over a decent amount of time, says Dr. Rosen.
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