1. The Courtyard Clinic named on Top Dental Website Awards 2014

    31st July 2014 by thecourtyardclinic


    The Courtyard Clinic is proud to announce that we have been featured in the 2014 Top Dental Sites awards from BracesOrInvisalign.com under their “Sharp-Looking Dental sites” section:


    The panel of judges reported that The Courtyard Clinic offered a simple design but covered nearly every single question with ease on its homepage.They particularly liked our dedicated a page to patient anxiety, especially for younger and first time patients.

    Here are The Courtyard Clinic,  we pride ourselves on giving our patients as much information as possible, we feel that especially with our nervous patients this is incredibly important. We are very happy to receive such a lovely award.

  2. Self conscious about white spots on your teeth- we can help!!

    25th July 2014 by thecourtyardclinic

    Icon case courtyard image.001

    Utilising a revolutionary new technique we can now get rid of white spots on your teeth without the need for drills or even injections!!
    DMG Icon is a state of the art technique which The Courtyard Clinic are pioneering. It allows us to give our patients a beautiful even smile whilst still being minimally invasive – requiring no drilling of the teeth!

    Traditionally this would have been treated with veneers or removing the white spots and placing a filling- both of these techniques require drills to remove healthy tooth.
    Now with Icon we infiltrate the teeth with resin which changes the way the light behaves on the teeth. This makes the white spots invisible even under magnification and as you can see with the photo shown the results are fantastic!!

    If you have white spots on your teeth which have always bothered you and would like a homogenous white smile give us a call today on 01932582949 or email on reception@thecourtyardclinic.com

  3. New smiles in a day with CEREC at The Courtyard Clinic

    21st July 2014 by thecourtyardclinic


    Here at The Courtyard Clinic all of our dentists are experienced users of the CEREC system.
    CEREC is a state of the art technology which allows our dentists to provide crowns and veneers to an incredible level of accuracy in 1 visit instead of the traditional 2 visits you will find in most dentists.

    This means
    1) no temporary crowns or veneers
    2) less time needed in the dental chair
    3) No gooey impression material
    4) Metal free restorations

    The dentists at The Courtyard Clinic are so passionate about this topic that one of our dentists (Dr Simon Chard) even lectures nationally to other dentists on how to use this fantastic technology.
    So if you have old crowns/veneers which no longer look there best or are interested in new crowns or veneers then give Alison a call on 01932582949 and book in today!

  4. 5 top travelling tips for healthy teeth

    16th July 2014 by thecourtyardclinic


    It’s that time of year when a lot of our patients are off on their summer holidays. Everyone loves to get some time in the sun however it is also often the time when we forget about looking after our teeth. Here at The Courtyard Clinic we have 5 top tips for keeping your teeth healthy:

    1) Don’t forget to pack your brush!!
    this may seem obvious but it is very easy to forget! Philips sonicare Diamondclean now comes with a handy travel box. This helps to keep your brush clean and free of bacteria. If you are taking a manual toothbrush with you- make sure it is dry before you leave or it will become a haven for bugs!

    2) Purchase travel size toothpaste
    Most toothpaste companies will have small travel size toothpastes at duty free- traditional sized toothpaste will not be allowed in your carry on luggage! We have some free samples which are perfect for this so feel free to ask your dentist for one!

    3) Check local water safety
    certain countries do not have water which is safe to drink, follow the guidance given to you and if it is not safe to drink do not brush your teeth with it. Be safe and use bottled water, noone likes to get ill especially on holiday!

    4) Dental problems abroad
    Always call your usual dentist if you have any problems while away, we can usually recommend the best course of treatment and depending on the country we may even know a reputable dentist that you can go to. Certain countries do not follow the strict regulations that we have to in this country so make sure you know you are going to a safe location.

    5) Don’t forget your evening brush!
    Many of us may overindulge while we are away on food and especially a nice cold glass of wine or two! Don’t forget wine is high in acid and sugar and all that food will sit on your teeth overnight and may lead to decay or gum disease so always remember to brush before going to bed- your teeth will thank you in the morning!

  5. Dental Implants: a time machine for lost teeth

    2nd July 2014 by thecourtyardclinic


    Dental implants have changed the face of dentistry over the last 25 years. It used to be that if you lost a tooth the only options were to live with the space, have a removable denture or have a dental bridge held off the adjacent teeth. None of these solutions were ideal and all of them require some form of extra load being placed on the remaining teeth.

    A dental implant is a small titanium screw which is placed in the bone of the jaw to replace the missing tooth or teeth roots. The bone of the jaw grows towards the titanium screw and it becomes integrated into the jaw, it can then have a tooth or many teeth built on top of it.

    Who can have dental implants??
    If you have good general health then dental implants will almost certainly work for you. However, habits such as heavy drinking or smoking can increase the number of problems associated with initial healing and thereafter may negatively influence the long-term health of gum and bone surrounding each implant. Remaining teeth might also be compromised making treatment planning less certain.

    How do you choose your implant dentist?

    The placement of dental implants requires the additional training following qualification as a dentist, make sure your dentist has been appropriately trained and is experienced. Using a dentist who only uses the highest quality materials is also to be advised, there are some dental implant companies who do not have a lot of evidence supporting their product. Here at The Courtyard Clinic our implant surgeon is extremely experienced and we only use the best implant materials to make sure we provide the highest success rates for our patients.

    If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to see if you are suitable for dental implants, give Alison a call today on 01932 582949 and book in for a free consultation.

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