1. Female-Chertsey-Implants-nervous

    28th October 2013 by thecourtyardclinic

    I clearly remember the day my tooth fell out. I sobbed and sobbed which was in part due to the huge gap in my mouth but also because I was terrified of dentists due to previous bad experiences at other practices. I found the Courtyard by luck after searching on the internet for dentists that welcome nervous patients and I can honestly say that I actually enjoy my visits to the dentist! I am an experienced dental patient now because after not going to the dentist for many many years, having a sweet tooth and opting for painkillers rather than a visit to the dentist, I understandably needed a lot of work done. 


    Everything recommended was explained in a clear and professional manner right from the beginning so there were no surprises along the way. I was terrified to begin with (and who wouldn’t be after avoiding the dentist for a decade!) but with order accutane from canada each passing visit, I felt better and better about the care I was receiving and less nervous. 


    Having an initial overview of the work I needed really helped focus me on the importance and necessity of looking after my teeth but I also felt that the practice really cared about the overall wellbeing of my teeth- something which I had never encountered. Doctor Yasmin goes above and beyond any dentist that I have ever met and with every visit I’ve had, she has shown compassion, patience and a high degree of skill.  The biggest decision I made (aside from actually sticking with a dentist!) was to have implants and I am so glad that I did. My mouth and teeth look and feel so much better and I am no longer embarrassed to smile or scared to go to the dentist. Aside from the way they look, my teeth and gums actually feel so much better.  The excellent receptionist with exceptional people skills, the conscientious hygienist, the talented and nimble implant surgeon, and the skilled Doctor Yasmin make this The Courtyard Clinic an outstanding 5 star practice. 

    I really cannot recommend Doctor Yasmin and her team highly enough. Thank you to everyone!

  2. Mouth Cancer Action Month at The Courtyard Clinic

    19th October 2013 by thecourtyardclinic

    mouth cancer

    Unfortunately mouth cancer often presents with no symptoms to the patient. This is why it is vital to examine your own mouth on a regular basis and get regular check ups from a dentist who will be trained to spot early signs of the disease. This is especially important if you or a loved one is a heavy smoker or drinker of alcohol

    Common symptoms include; long standing non healing ulcers, red white patches on the tongue, gums, floor of the mouth or lips. Unusual swellings or lumps in the mouth are often the first warning signs. Less commons symptoms include pain on chewing or swallowing, a sore throat that won’t go away over a long period of time (over 6 weeks), thickening of the cheek lining and unusual pain, bleeding or numbness in the mouth.

    Early Detection Saves Lives… the 5 year survival rate of mouth cancer patients is 50% BUT with early diagnosis, patients have a 90% chance of survival. So if you, or anyone you know of, has any of these symptoms or questions then please call Alison on 01932 582 949 to book you free Oral Health Screening throughout October and November 2013.

  3. Dr Simon on advanced Cerec course

    16th October 2013 by thecourtyardclinic

    The team at The Courtyard Clinic are totally committed to providing the best care for our patients. As part of this we regularly attend courses on a variety of topics to update our knowledge and make sure we are providing cutting edge treatment. Dr Simon Chard recently attended the advanced Cerec course to update his knowledge on the latest techniques with this fantastic technology.

    cl 2

    Dr Simon reported back that he picked up some great tips for the latest Advanced Cerec procedures and providing beautiful aesthetics with crowns in a day.

    If you have a broken tooth and need it restored to natural function and aesthetics in a time frame that suits your busy life, then come and see Dr Simon today.

    Telephone 01932 582949 and book an appointment.


  4. Keeping fit and raising money in September

    13th October 2013 by thecourtyardclinic

    September was certainly  a month for keeping fit for our team members at The Courtyard Clinic. Our smiley dental assistant Claire successfully completed a walking marathon (yes that is 26.2 miles!!!) overnight around London finishing at Battersea Power station! Claire completed this fantastic achievement to raise money for Shine; the cancer research charity event. Claire walked with around 40000 other entrants with a total amount raised for charity being a staggering £1,855,766!!

    Claire (right hand side) with her friends on the marathon walk

    Claire (right hand side) with her friends on the marathon walk

    Meanwhile the newest member to our team Dr Simon also completed his first triathlon in Brighton this month. The Brighton triathlon involves a 400m swim, 27km cycle (including a 10-minute climb up Ditchling Beacon!) and a 5km run. Simon finished his first triathlon in 1 hour and 40minutes and although he was exhausted, thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!

    Simon (Centre in yellow) at the finish of his triathlon

    Simon (Centre in yellow) at the finish of his triathlon


  5. Somnowell-snoring appliance

    10th October 2013 by thecourtyardclinic


    : I am a snorer. This had caused my wife and I many sleepless nights. Until I found Somnowell. They offered a virtually indestructible non intrusive device guaranteed to stop my snoring. I found The Courtyard Clinic listed as my nearest dentist who could fit this for me. Coming from a background in Health& Safety I was delighted with the warm welcome and the immediate comfort of the surroundings. My appointments were all spot on time and Yasmin immediately impressed me with her experienced surgical style bed side manner. The visit was quick and efficient. I no longer snore and the Somnowell is unobtrusive unlike other plastic gag like devices which fall to pieces in a few months and make you drool all night because the nerves in your mouth are constantly being stimulated. This doesn’t happen with this device. You can drink and talk with the unit in your mouth. As it is skilfully custom made and fitted it is very unobtrusive. The only possible drawbacks I had found had been a dry mouth sometimes and some slight adjustment needed to the overbite setting after about 8 months of continual use. This is one of the best thing to happen to improve my wife’s rest, mood and our relationship. We are very happy with what has proved to be a brilliant investment in our quality of life. Expertly made, superbly fitted and virtually indestructible. Thank you so much Yasmin and your professional Team. Martin

  6. Welcoming Dr Simon Chard!

    by thecourtyardclinic

    We are delighted to officially welcome the newest member of our team, Dr Simon Chard to The Courtyard Clinic.

    Simon is an award-winning dentist who qualified top of his year for clinical dentistry from the prestigious Guy’s, Kings and St Thomas’ Dental School.

    Simon and Claire at The Courtyard Clinic

    Simon and Claire at The Courtyard Clinic

    Simon, who lives locally in Walton-on-Thames, joins us from a practice in Pimlico in South West London where he has developed a reputation for his friendly and empathic care of his patients, especially the nervous ones!

    Dr Chard sits on the committee for the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) and is extremely passionate about his profession. His association with the BACD keeps him up to date on the latest advancements in improving patient’s smiles, which is an area of dentistry he particularly enjoys.

    Simon will be working with our long-standing dental assistant Claire and our patients are already telling us what a great team they are together. Simon is accepting new patients for general, Cerec and aesthetic dentistry- so call Alison on 01932 582949 to book an appointment to see Simon today!

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