1. Female, 17 years old, Ashford

    28th May 2012 by thecourtyardclinic

    I developed a fear of going to the dentist and had a filling that needed treatment, which I avoided for a year and it developed into needing a root canal treatment. We found Yasmin on the internet and from the begining she and her staff were very understanding and helpful. The work on my tooth needed to be carried out urgently so she recommended sedation. Once the work was complete Yasmin took the time to develop a good relationship with me and help me overcome my fear. The treatment on the tooth was completed and I have been attending this practice for regualr check ups without the need for sedation. I now feel much more relaxed about going to the dentist.

  2. Female, Woking

    22nd May 2012 by thecourtyardclinic

    Prior to finding the Courtyard Clinic I had not visited a dentist for about 10 years after a bad experience as a teenager, but an ongoing issue forced me to seek treatment.

    I chose the practice as they specialise it treating nervous patients. I felt reassured after my consultation with Yasmin that there was an alternative to my previous dental experiences, that I would not be judged or rebuked for having had such a long absence from treatment and felt confident that they would be understanding of my anxiety.

    My initial treatment was root canal, but Yasmin and the team were so patient and compassionate that even such an unpleasant treatment was made so much easier. The experience gave me the confidence to undergo orthodontic work that I had always wanted but never thought possible and I am overjoyed by the transformation. I have the beautiful smile that I always dreamt of and it has given me so much self-confidence. I feel it has helped me to become more outgoing, whereas before I felt very hesitant about talking to people due to my teeth, now I feel free to chat and smile to everyone. A few people have even commented on how lovely my teeth look, which makes me feel really happy!

    I can say with all honesty that if I were to go through the treatment again I would do so without hesitation. The whole experience has been really good and I am so pleased with the results.

    I would highly recommend the Courtyard Clinic. They provide such a warm and welcoming atmosphere one is immediately made to feel comfortable, and offer so much reassurance during visits I actually looked forward to my appointments.
    I am so grateful to Yasmin for providing me with such a beautiful result and to the girls for making my experience such a pleasant one.

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