1. Nervous Patient!

    27th January 2012 by thecourtyardclinic

    I developed a fear of going to the dentist and had a filling that needed treatment, which I avoided for a year and it developed into needing root canal treatment. We found Yasmin on the internet and from the begining she and her staff were very understanding and helpful. The work on my tooth needed too be carried out urgently so she recommended sedation. Once the work was completed Yasmin took the time to develop a good relationship with me and help me overcome my fear. The treatment on the tooth was completed and I have been attending this practice for regular check ups without the need for sedation. I now feel much more relaxed about going to the denist.

  2. New dentist at The Courtyard Clinic

    25th January 2012 by thecourtyardclinic

    We are delighted to tell you that Dr. Deepti Naranbhai joined our team this week and will be working with us on a full time basis. She brings to buy antibiotics thailand the clinic a broad skill set and particularly enjoys helping patients understand how best modern dentistry can help them. She has a talent with nervous patients and surgical dentistry and enjoys all aspects of good cosmetic dentistry.
    Come and meet her, call Alison on 01932 582949 to arrange a free, no obligation consultation

  3. Patient testimonial

    16th January 2012 by thecourtyardclinic

    Both myself and my partner are terrified of dentists. My partner especially! She finally realised she must see a dentist, and after extensive research chose Yasmin. She has been nothing but phenomenal. Removing teeth with so little pain, that after having wisdom teeth out, and being heavily sedated she was up and about with our baby going to groups with him and getting on with life completely normally! I had a problem with my wisdom tooth recently, and whilst Yasmin couldn’t see me for a week due to the fact the dental surgeon not being available until then, off her own back on a Sunday night she rang around for me to get me an appointment somewhere else with no profit to herself at all. I would rather live with the pain for a week and wait to see the Courtyard Clinic than go somewhere else any day!

  4. Migraines

    11th January 2012 by thecourtyardclinic

    Migraines and Dentistry

    Tension headaches often accompany migraines and many sufferers accept then as part of the condition.
    These individuals often suffer with fatigue (despite getting 7-8 hours sleep).
    The reason for this is quite simple. Tooth clenching and grinding stops you from entering deep, restful, refreshing sleep. Additionally, this grinding and clenching fatigues the muscles and causes tension headaches.

    You have no control over clenching and grinding of your teeth. It’s pre-programmed into the same part of the brain that deals with breathing and heart rate. However with correct management, we can reduce the intensity at which this occurs, limit the muscle tension and protect the jaw and teeth from damage.

    When people clench and grind their teeth, they overload the sensory input part of the brain. They wake up with this part of the brain effectively fatigued and it takes very little to push this over the edge. The result is a full blown migraine.
    Other triggers also exist but many sufferers have gained significant benefit from bite splint therapy often combined with cranial and/or osteopathic treatment.

    Effective bite splint therapy is provided by dentists who have trained in this area at a postgraduate level and should be a course of treatment (several visits over a few months) rather than a one visit experience. Dr. George at The Courtyard Clinic has had this training in the US and often co treats her patients with local craniosacral osteopaths aswell.

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