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  2. patient testimonials March and April 2011

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    RE-cementing of a crown – Male –Age 5- from Harpenden
    My tooth dropped out this morning and I could not concentrate or smile or talk until it was sorted. I was working in the area and David saw me as an emergency patient, as I could not get to see my own dentist. David was excellent. He talked me through what he was doing, discussed options and treated me as a usual patient.

    Crown and fillings – Male – Age 64 – from Chertsey
    I have been coming to The courtyard Clinic for 18 months now and think that the work that has been carried out so far has been excellent.

    Hygienist – Female – Age 52 from Englefield Green
    I came to see the hygienist today and I’m very pleased with the result. My mouth now feels fresh and clean. I found the hygienist to be very efficient and friendly.

    Cleaning – Male – Age 37 from Chertsey
    My visit was to the hygienist for a clean today. I’m very happy with my teeth now and don’t even think about them anymore. The hygienist was very good and helpful.

    Snap-On-smile – Male – Age 47 from Sunningdale
    I’ve been very excited about my appointment today, as I was having my Snap-On-Smile fitted to my top set of nashers. I think they look brilliant and my dentist, what a superstar!!

    Extensive treatment – female – age 52 from Feltham
    I’ve had lots of work done at the courtyard clinic, including Whitening, Cerec crowns and a new chrome plate. My teeth now look absolutely fabulous – love them. David is amazing; all the staff are.

    Cerec – Female – Age 61 from Chertsey
    My dentist is wonderful and I’m very happy with my 2 Cerec inlays. They are magic.

    Root Canal Treatment – Male Age 49 from Marlow
    I travelled about 30 miles for treatment today because my dentist is excellent. My teeth are poor, hence the root canal treatment, but David made my appointment comfortable and pain free.

    Fillings – Female – Age 65 from Camberley
    I had 2 fillings today and I was so comfortable that I dozed off! I never thought that would happen in the dentist chair. My teeth look much better than they did before treatment.

    Braces – female – Age 18 from London
    I’m planning to have some braces fitted. I needed to have lots of records taken to progress with my treatment. I had moulds taken, some photographs and xrays. My teeth could be improved and hopefully they will look better once my treatment has been completed. Yasmin is very nice and a good dentist.

    Cleaning – Male – Age 11 from Walton – On- Thames
    I had teeth cleaning today. I think my teeth could be better, and nicer. My dentist is nice.

    Cleaning – Male – Age 13 from Walton – On – Thames
    I had my teeth cleaned. My teeth are fairly clean, but I need to spend more time on them, I do tend to rush too much. The staff here do a good job.

    Fillings – Male – Age 37 from Richmond
    I had some fillings done today. I tend not to think about my teeth but I feel they are much improved. My dentist is very good and also very helpful.

    Braces – Female – Age 14 from Cobham
    I’m currently having my jaw moved forward and I’m wearing a Damon brace. At the moment my teeth are progressing very well and my jaw is on the way to success! Yasmin, my dentist is very kind and concentrated, very organised.

    Check – up –Female – Age 65 from Camberley
    After years of poor dentistry I now feel that we are with buy pfizer viagra 100mg the right people. I feel confident in Yasmins work, she’s brilliant.

    Hygienist – Female – Age 11 from Sunbury
    I saw the hygienist today, now my teeth feel very clean and smooth. She was very gentle and understanding. I am no longer anxious about my dental visits.

    Snap –On-Smile – Female – Age 47 from Woking
    I’m getting married in April and wanted a fast fix before the big day. I had records and impressions taken today for my Snap –On-Smile. My dentist David was very nice and through. I’m looking forward to the final result.

    Hygienist – Male – Age 60 from Ottershaw
    I’ve been a patient here for 2 years now and I’m very happy with the treatment I have received. I think my teeth are Okay. The hygienist is very nice and very good.

    Clean – Male –Age 38 from Richmond
    I came to see the hygienist today for a clean. They feel much better now. The hygienist is very good and very helpful.

    Whitening – Female – Age 42 from Bedfordshire
    I had teeth whitening done today. I decided to go for the Gold Package. I think my teeth are an asset.

    Check – up Male – Age 47 from Woking
    I had a check up and a cleaning done today, also a temporary filling. My teeth are basically trouble free , reasonably presentable. My lower front teeth may need cosmetic attention. David gave first class explanations. I wonder about the wisdom of personal chat? Technically first class and efficient.

    Impression – Male – Age 11 from Woking
    I had an impression and x-ray today. I think my teeth are big and not very straight. My dentist is instructive, helpful and productive.

  3. Snap on Smile – Surrey

    14th April 2011 by thecourtyardclinic

    We are the only Dental Clinic in Surrey that is offering Snap-On-Smile. Have you ever looked at somebody and noticed their smile? Whether someone has good teeth or bad teeth, we all notice. That is why having nice straight teeth is so important.

    Research has shown that people with beautiful smiles are perceived as more beautiful than people with unattractive smiles because it is the smile that contributes to their overall attractiveness. You only have to look at movie stars to realise that all of the attractive ones seem to have perfectly straight white teeth, and of course a beautiful smile.
    Whether patients are looking to correct crowding, spacing, missing teeth, staining, wear and tear or a reduction in facial height, Snap-On Smiles has formulated a solution that is fast, affordable, non-invasive and totally reversible.

    Snap-On Smiles is a temporary appliance that is placed directly over existing teeth, producing an instantaneous new smile so much like your real teeth, you can even eat with it in. With proper care, it can last for years, and provides a simple alternative to the many other invasive, expensive and painful dental and orthodontic procedures that are available

    Prices can start from as little as £995.

  4. Splint Therapy – female – headaches

    5th April 2011 by thecourtyardclinic

    I have suffered with headaches for many years. About once a month it would get so bad that I would spend a day or two in bed vomiting all day. I always felt very washed out after experiencing such an episode. It was degrading my quality of life and it was depressing to know that it would continue to occur. I tried many things including going regularly to the chiropractor.

    Yasmin suggested wearing a splint at night to try and stop me from clenching my teeth which she thought was causing the damage. She took all the impressions and it was sent off to be made. I will not try and say that it was easy to begin with, wearing the splint and getting used to it. It was uncomfortable and I very nearly gave up wearing it. However I persevered and it has been worth it as I can honestly say, that to my amazement, it has worked and I have not had a recurrence of the awful headaches that I used to have. I would advise anybody thinking of having such a splint fitted, to persevere and give the mouth time to get used to it. It took me at least a month, maybe more.

    I am about to embark on having my second splint made. It has made all the difference to my life.

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