1. Male, Dental implants, Sedation in Byfleet, Surrey

    24th September 2010 by thecourtyardclinic

  2. Fillings and power whitening – Female – age 20 Sept 2010

    17th September 2010 by thecourtyardclinic

    Fillings and power whitening – Female – age 20

    My treatment consisted of some white fillings and a course of power whitening. Brilliant! There has been a dramatic improvement I didn’t think possible. My dentist is lovely, friendly, calm and professional.

    Check up and clean – Male – age 36

    I had a check up and clean and following discussions with the dentist, I’m having them whitened. David is fantastic and very professional, Melanie a great nurse and the facilities are super.

    Annual check up – Male – age 17

    I travel from Englefield Green to visit David  Lewis at The Courtyard Clinic. I had a yearly check up and an x-ray. I feel my teeth are in good condition and David’s explanations and advice were clear, He’s very good and friendly.

    Fillings – Male – Age 40

    My teeth are nasty horrible things. My treatment today was fillings and to check my gums. My dentist has a good manner and seems very professional.

    Check up – Male – Age 21

    I had a check up and x-ray with David today, he’s very good. I feel my teeth are pretty solid.

    Hygiene – Male – 21

    I had a visit with Marie the hygienist today, she is good.

    Bridge work – Female – age 47

    Today I had my fabulous new bridge fitted, it’s fab, wonderful. I feel like I’m coming back to life!!

    Yasmin George, she is the greatest.

    Orthodontics – Female – Age 10

    I came to the Courtyard Clinic because I had buck teeth, so I got a brace put in and I am on the way to train tracks. My teeth are a lot straighter and with time they will be perfect. Yasmin is really nice and friendly and Alison Muir that works at the front desk is very helpful too.

    Hygiene – Female – Age 16

    I live in Sunningdale and came to the clinic to have my teeth cleaned. The staff are really nice, good and thorough.

    Fillings and a clean – Male – Age 44

    Today I saw Marie the hygienist for a scale and polish and I also saw David for a composite restoration. I now feel my teeth are in good condition. The staff  are caring and professional.

    Filling  – Male – 66

    I had a major filling done today, but the experience was good. My dentist is excellent.

    Orthodontics – Female – Age 20

    I’ve had braces fitted behind the teeth of my upper arch (Social six). They are good. Yasmin is professional and friendly.

    Orthodontics – Female – Age 16

    I’ve had a fixed retainer fitted after my orthodontic treatment was completed. They’re good! My dentist is very nice! And really good.

  3. Dentistry 'Down under'!

    13th September 2010 by thecourtyardclinic

    Dr. Yasmin George has just returned from a week’s stay in Sydney where she was the guest of Dr. Derek Mahony the owner of Australia’s largest private orthodontic practice and leading orthodontic educator worldwide.

     Dentistry, in particular orthodontics (braces) is a  rapidly progressing field, and it was extremely stimulating and interesting to not only see a wide variety of cases but  to discuss latest techniques for adults and early treatment for children.

  4. Fillings, aged 7 in Chertsey Surrey

    10th September 2010 by thecourtyardclinic

  5. Parents beware!

    8th September 2010 by thecourtyardclinic

    This summer I have seen a number of young patients (under the age of 6) with decay in their teeth…. but they have healthy low sugar diets (very few sweets!) and motivated caring parents who do check their children have cleaned their teeth…..
    The thing these children have had in common , is their habit of consuming dried raisins as a ‘snack’.
    Traditionally considered ‘quite healthy’…. dried fruit (in particular raisins) can contain a lot of sugar and remain stuck in the teeth for periods of time.
    I would like to advise all of our patients, but particularly parents of young children to be aware of this, and try to avoid dried fruit as a snack between meals and stick to fresh fruit or something savoury.
    Dr. Yasmin George.

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